San Francisco’s Top 5 Famous Attractions

Any visitor or tourist that comes to San Francisco should know about these 5 (ok 6) most famous attractions here. Below is the list and if you visit and want to see them at a discount then click the link and buy the City Pass to San Francisco. Highly recommended!!! Because you get 7-day unlimited Cable Car & Muni Transportation Pass with the City Pass.

It’s 59 bucks for adults and 39 bucks for kids so at 5 dollars a ride on cable car no transfers this City Pass is definitely the choice!

Tix: 24.95 adults – California Academy Of Sciences (highly recommended as it’s new)
Tix: 15.00 adults – San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art
Tix: 24.00 adults – Blue & Gold Fleet Bay Cruise
Tix: 5.00 adults – Cable Car per ride
Tix: 15.95 adults – Aquarium Of The Bay
Tix: 15.00 adults – Exploratorium
Tix 10.00 adults – deYoung or Legion (or both on the same day)

So this City pass works out to be the best price to see San Francisco’s Top 5 Famous Attractions. Well worth it for any new visitor to San Francisco.

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2 Responses to San Francisco’s Top 5 Famous Attractions

  1. Alex says:


    Admission to SF’s Exploratorium is $15, not $17!



  2. seb says:

    You might want to let CityPass know. I got the price off of their site!!! FYI.

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