Cliff House San Francisco

I think the new Cliff House is just beautiful. I love the design since it looks like it could have been built back in the early 1900′s but with a very modern style. I love the sign. I especially love the sign at the Cliff House. I especially love the new Cliff House building when the sun is shining right on it. It makes for perfect photos against the bright blue sky.

The Cliff House is located at 1090 Point Lobos Avenue. You can take the 38 bus from downtown near Union Square or Market street near Montgomery Streets. It’s about a 30 – 45 minute ride but worth it on a sunny day. It’s nice to go and sit at the bar at Sutro’s or dine in the restaurant. It’s very popular so I would probably make a reservation.

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Cliff House San Francisco1

Cliff House San Francisco3

Cliff House San Francisco5

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