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Castro Theatre Wurlitzer Organist – International Lesbian And Gay Film Festival

David Hegarty the Castro Theater staff organist playing the organ for almost 10 minutes just before the premiere of a film at the International Lesbian And Gay Film Festival. The only piece I recognize is the track Night And Day. Can you recognize the others? Feel free to comment and let me know what they are. Enjoy!

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Fair Contracts For San Francisco Window Cleaners Protest

This was interesting and worth shooting to post here on SFPhotorama.com. They were protesting on Folsom Street between 4th and 5th streets.

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Cartoon Art Museum

A fun afternoon can be had if you spend it at the Cartoon Art Museum here in San Francisco. For something a little different than spending it one of the bigger museums in town try it at the Cartoon Art Museum. There are permanent exhibits and traveling temporary exhibits so you might catch something really fun like the Beetle Bailey and Batman exhibits that are running currently. For adults it only costs 7 dollars so its a great deal and you are supporting cartoons. What more could you ask for?

San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum1 Cartoon Art Museum

San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum2 Cartoon Art Museum

San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum3 Cartoon Art Museum

San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum4 Cartoon Art Museum

San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum5 Cartoon Art Museum

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San Francisco Bay To Breakers 2010 Video 4

Finally the last of the videos I shot of the Bay To Breakers from last Sunday:

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